useful wastes

a piece of spoon!


When i went to the  local chaat  shop to buy myself some samosas and chutney, guess what I got for free, a piece of plastic SPOON!

Just after a small fight with my friends on who gets the biggest samosa and some finger licking chutney, before throwing the small piece of plastic away, my mind asked me “why throw it?, How much would it take to put this piece together?”. Mind voice continued, the life cycle emission of this piece of plastic is huge and even though you got this for free, the number of people who would have paid for this piece, will be numerous. The mining that would happened, which would have costed a lot of people their homes, the processing of the raw materials which would have costed heavily on the environment and the low-wages and worse labour laws that would have costed the living standards of lot people (mostly belonging to the place where the raw materials were mined. And even after knowing all this U are throwing it???

I told myself , The least I can do is wash the spoon along with the system, because every plastic is not a piece of something, that we can afford to throw away. Considering even something can be used as a natural fertilizer.

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